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The real estate industry depends largely on forces outside one’s control. Economic booms and busts, rising and falling market trends, and even an atmosphere of optimism or pessimism can mean success or failure for a project or company. CRP understands the market. CRP also understands the law. Whether the client is finalizing a multibillion dollar portfolio transaction or closing a single-property deal, CRP can help spot the pitfalls, develop a strategy, evaluate financing and capital sources, and seize the right opportunity. CRP’s real estate practice helps developers and entrepreneurial real estate companies and individuals to build a strong foundation for their businesses and deals by not only withstanding but also taking advantage of the market fluctuations. CRP also assists developers and entrepreneurial real estate companies and individuals in redevelopment of dilapidated and old buildings and holds expertise in redevelopment of slums under the Slum Rehabilitation Act. 

CRP routinely assists clients in a variety of matters related to property and real estate including estate planning, asset planning, Wills, Trusts, power of attorney, sale deed, conveyance, gift, mortgage, lien, assignment, exchange, release, family arrangements, etc. CRP also aids clients in interpretation of leases, covenant enforcement, tenant renewals, rent review, notices, easement and covenant disputes, service charge disputes, boundary disputes, etc. CRP has extensive experience representing clients in litigation relating to probate, guardianship administration, tenancy matters, property disputes, inheritance, devolution, etc. 

With a huge clientele consisting of builders, developers, entrepreneurial real estate companies and individuals, financial institutions, education institution, homebuilders, hotel and hospitality companies, landlords and tenants, multifamily owners and managers, office building owners, retail outlet and shopping centre owners, retail end users and franchisees, CRP lawyers are regarded as the best property lawyers in Mumbai and the firm has honoured its reputation as the topmost property law firm in Mumbai.

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