Matrimonial and Family Law

CRP has established a commanding reputation with expertise in matrimonial and family matters. CRP lawyers are regarded as the best divorce lawyers in Mumbai.

Family and personal matters can be emotionally distressing and all-consuming for the client, especially when children are involved. Such circumstances require counsel that listens, is compassionate, and aligns with the essence of the client’s case so that the client can move on in life. Patiently communicating with clients, the endless legal details in a traumatic family crisis, CRP is known for its sensitive, caring and qualified team of advocates. 

Whether the client is an individual or a couple, CRP’s highly regarded and top matrimonial and family court lawyers can help in all legal aspects of marriage and divorce, including negotiating and drafting prenuptial, postnuptial and separation agreements, custody access agreements, equitable distribution of property and spousal and child support arrangements. CRP is known for negotiating complex, challenging financial and custody cases while maintaining decorum in what may sometimes become uncivil proceedings. In each case, CRP’s goal is to achieve the best and most expeditious result for clients through negotiations, and when necessary, through litigation. 

CRP’s extensive depth of experience with area judges, the court system and court personnel allows it to efficiently and successfully navigate the complex facets of judicial system. CRP handles a wide range of matters under the matrimonial and family laws which include multi-state and international divorce issues, judicial separation, annulment, restitution of conjugal rights, spousal support and alimony, residence issues, property disputes and entitlements, child custody and access, child support, child sexual abuse, dependent maintenance, domestic violence, dowry, etc. CRP diligently fights to win clients their just due in record time while striving to reach a fair out-of-court settlement to save them the financial and emotional costs of the tumultuous and tedious court processes. Owing to its knowledge and experience in finance, property and criminal matters, and its collaboration with business appraisers, investigators and forensic experts, CRP helps achieve maximum benefits and feasible closures for its clients.

CRP's hallmarks of practice are confidentiality especially as its clientele includes many high-profile individuals and their spouses from the worlds of business, technology, media and entertainment. 

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